A study visit was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 22-25.09.2019, with the aim of exchanging experience and gaining knowledge on the implementation of the Regulatory Impact Assessment process, with representatives of the public administration and civil society from both countries.

The meeting included a working visit to the Ministry of Public Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, the Center for Excellence in Finance, as well as the Center for Information, Collaboration and Development of Civil Society Organizations (CNVOS) where through presentation and interactive communication shared experience and knowledge in the subject area.

The visit was attended by representatives of the Ministries and CSOs members of the Network for Better Legislation - RIA Network, while the representative of the Center for Change Management - CCM was Vesna Gligorova - financial manager.

The visit is part of the project " Regulatory Impact Assessment: Promoting Evidence-Based Policy Making", a European Union-funded project implemented by the Institute for Democracy Societas Civilis - IDSCS and the Center for Economic Analysis - CEA Skopje.